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The third Call for Ideas for the Preparatory Action European Spaces of Culture opened on 16 March. What is the project all about? And how to turn your initial idea for an innovative and inspiring cultural relations project, rooted in your local context, into a first proposal? In a series of three webinar modules, the European Spaces of Culture team will explain the purpose and values of the project and guide you through the process up to the submission of your concept note on 19 June. All modules are offered at 10 am and 4 pm CEST to accommodate the different time zones of the EUNIC network.

Module 1 - European Spaces of Culture: Get on Board!
Why is the project European Spaces of Culture important for the future of cultural relations and how can you become part of this movement? How to build innovative and inclusive partnerships which are relevant to the local context? In this opening module we will talk about the mission of European Spaces of Culture. The first step in ideation is to scout the local context and consult with your partners. How to then translate the identified local needs into a concrete project idea? We will also discuss together ways to come up with interesting ideas based on your local contexts and with your local partners. The webinar is open to EUNIC members, EU Delegations, and their local partners.
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Module 2 - European Spaces of Culture: How to organise your partnership
Are all partners on board with the basics of the idea, and imagining how they can add their expertise to the project design? How to design a productive relationship between partners of at least four nationalities and with very different means? Has the partnership at the basis of the project grown in the meantime, as well as thoughts about the governance? During this webinar we will discuss the next steps of your project ideation towards forming a partnership. The webinar is open to EUNIC members, EU Delegations, and their local partners.
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Module 3 - European Spaces of Culture: From idea, to partnership, to concept note
How to ensure your idea still fits the purpose of the project? How to structure your idea, put it in clear language and make sure you have all the information you need to write? This webinar will focus on partnership governance and finishing your concept note. We will give you pointers for the last hurdles of the process and offer you the chance to ask any question to make sure you are not missing anything, or any last-minute question you might have to perfect your concept note. The webinar is open to EUNIC members, EU Delegations, and their local partners.
When: Monday 23 May at 10 am and 4 pm CEST

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