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MoldArte aims to grow a new public cultural scene of the Republic of Moldova, capable of addressing the current social and political issues, and increase cultural participation. The digital platform functions both as a networking tool and a resource-bank.

The programme addresses the challenges faced by the independent scene, and aims to bring together independent and institutional stakeholders in Moldova and abroad, leading to a more inclusive understanding of public culture. The creation of the digital platform addresses the need for visibility, which will facilitate direct contacts between artists and organisations in order to develop new local and international partnerships.

Strengthening solidarity among cultural professionals

The cultural sector in Moldova is facing many problems that have been exacerbated by the pandemic, such as the lack of working spaces, funds, and training programmes for cultural professionals, the inadequate infrastructure and the lack of visibility and recognition. MoldArte wants to build solidarity among cultural professionals and develop resources to engage internationally, thus creating an awareness of being part of a larger social ecosystem, where we depend on each-other to thrive.

During the second step of the application process, the partners have carried out a mapping of cultural organisations as well as several meetings to strenghten the partnership and build an environment of mutual understanding and learning. As a result, the content of the digital platform was designed and enriched with new topics and events that are planned for 2022.

The independent cultural sector never relates only to the state, but also to the international context. This project gives us the opportunity to discuss and think about a set of indicators through which the state can see the independent cultural sector and include it in the logic of public culture.

Vladimir Us, artist, cultural manager, curator and responsible for the mapping process

  • Capacity building
  • Creative industries
  • Digital
  • European Spaces of Culture