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Flash ACT - Arte, Ciencia y Tecnología
A group  of six people are laying down on a sand surface with their bodies intertwined. They are dressed in underwear matching their skintone, making them appear as nude.
The winning team of Flash ACT 2021 was Extremófilas with the project Misión 2030: an experimental contemporary opera with four acts and a virtual prologue, based on current scientific data on the Terraforming of Mars.

Flash ACT as a hybrid project aims to explore new pathways in the intersection between art, science and technology to develop innovative tools for scientific communication. By modifying the way in which we perceive and conceive our environment, we may be capable of transforming our relationship with it, in a deep and significant way.

Flash ACT is planned as a series of online, physical and hybrid events, divided in three stages: a lab, two encounters and a festival. The project wants to strenghten existing structures of a multidisciplinary network, to promote new initiatives around artistic creation and scientific communication in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Transforming interdisciplinary scientific communication

Scientific communication plays a fundamental role in our everyday lives and shapes our understanding of the world. In particular during the pandemic, we have seen that the way scientific output is communicated is crucial. Information literacy skills help to understand data and judge information according to its trustworthiness.

The objective of this project is to develop innovative prototypes for scientific commmunication by bringing together communities, partners, experts in art, science and technology. Flash ACT aims to connect existing initiatives to give them regional impact and help them flourish in new countries and places. In the long term, the project partners hope to expand their existing network to create a sustainable international alliance.

After being shortlisted in July 2021, the project partners worked on their project proposal, carried out activities such as workshops, conducted a survey with participants from the first edition of Flash ACT (see quote below), took the time to analyse the results and reflected on their institutional involvement.

Flash ACT was a very innovative and interesting experience at the regional level. Many congratulations for creating these much needed spaces.

Participant, Flash ACT 2021

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