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Music Femlab

FemLab promotes intercultural encounters in Mexico City focused on women who are part of the electronic music scene.

The formats chosen are meant to create peer-to-peer dialogue spaces of mutual learning for the professionalization of local participants. The project targets women, representing 20% of a male-dominated sector in a local context of structural violence against women. Music FemLab is a space for the exchange of experiences, co-creation, and networking, in which gender becomes a crosscutting issue and a central one to the experience of participants. It has 3 formats: creative tandems, laboratories and co-creation presentations, and will stage 4 encounters in 2020 (FemLab_01 with Martina Bertoni and Sarmen) and 2 in 2021 (FemLab_02 with Microhm and Ylia, and FemLab_03 with Ninasonik and Valody) in the context of the Women's Month.

  • Capacity building
  • Co-creation
  • Women empowerment
  • Music
  • People-to-people