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  • Susana Alonso

Visiting the EUNIC cluster in London

In November 2023, as part of the EUNIC Mobility Scheme, Susana Alonso from the British Council in Barcelona and 4 other colleagues from across the network visited the EUNIC cluster in London, hosted by the Goethe-Institut, the Polish Cultural Institute and the Finnish Cultural Institute. In this blog post by Susana read more about her experience of the visit!

Firstly, I should say that this experience has been my first approach to EUNIC, because even though I have worked on different European projects in the past, I didn’t know in depth the scope of EUNIC’s work. I was positively surprised by the way this institution created an excellent network of clusters and its presence in so many countries.

The EUNIC Mobility Scheme 2023-2024 was an enriching experience that allowed me to get in touch with other Cultural Institutes, their ways of working and the possibility of meeting colleagues from other countries.

I want to emphasize the importance of fostering these kinds of exchanges among colleagues from different institutes to know their day-to-day work, daily challenges, and a wide range of ways to develop cultural projects. So, I am convinced EUNIC does an excellent job.

Some highlights of the exchange were not only all the topics I mentioned before but also the professional contacts I made, the possibility of future projects together, the privilege of visiting the National Portrait Gallery guided by its director as well as the Serpentine Gallery shown by one of its curators.
In conclusion, these kinds of experiences confirm the high importance of cultural relations to build strong bonds among countries.

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